2014/06/24 a day before the train from Paris to Strasbourg

Josh made it to Paris yesterday. Today we went to a bike store to get a few last minute things. Tomorrow we will meet Omid at Gare du Nord and walk to Gare de l’Est. It’s very busy so the post is very short ! Meanwhile you can have some info about the ‘logo’, i mean the giant drawing… ­čÖé

Omid sent me a drawing20140424_110724_resized - Copy a couple of weeks ago. I really liked the idea of cyclist biking ‘over’ the Alps. I think he should have been an artist!

I thought it would be nice to have to it as a logo. I played around a bit with GIMP but with very limited skills and time, the front page logo is the best I could come up with !

Even though we are not going all the way through the Alps and even though we are not going uphill 1500km I thought it would be funny to have the 1500km sign !

We will try to post whenever we can but not sure how often this will happen.


One thought on “2014/06/24 a day before the train from Paris to Strasbourg

  1. Capitaine

    Courage! Josh et Omid te couperont le vent! Il s’agira donc tout simplement d’avoir le n├ęcessaire pour les crevaisons, les rayons endommag├ęs, les freins hydrauliques, les cha├«nes endommag├ęes, etc… et le reste ira bien ­čśë

    A bient├┤t et bonne route!



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