Matthausen concentration camp

On the wise advice from Josh and even though the entrance fee was steep, this visit to this concentration camp reminds you how cruel humans can be and how we should never take things for granted… Very eery feeling when visiting the site.20140704_10162620140703_192152The door to hell

The door to hell



Made it to Vienna last night, I think this is a major milestone, even though sorouche is disappointed we didn’t go through the Alps, I think Josh and I are relieved… A few more hundred kilometres starting tomorrow to finish the trip… Meanwhile today is a day off in Vienna 20140628_163824P101026320140705_18111220140703_181034

Basel also known as Bale

We left this morning from Strasbourg after meeting good old Jun from South Korea / USA. The way to Basel was quite amazing. It was a very nice and long bike trail all the way to Basel. The path was perfectly flat all along. We managed to make it therefore to Basel in full daylight. We met with Josh’s cousin from Portugal and we are now watching the game Portugal – Ghana. They are hoping for Portugal to qualify.





2014/06/24 a day before the train from Paris to Strasbourg

Josh made it to Paris yesterday. Today we went to a bike store to get a few last minute things. Tomorrow we will meet Omid at Gare du Nord and walk to Gare de l’Est. It’s very busy so the post is very short ! Meanwhile you can have some info about the ‘logo’, i mean the giant drawing… 🙂

Omid sent me a drawing20140424_110724_resized - Copy a couple of weeks ago. I really liked the idea of cyclist biking ‘over’ the Alps. I think he should have been an artist!

I thought it would be nice to have to it as a logo. I played around a bit with GIMP but with very limited skills and time, the front page logo is the best I could come up with !

Even though we are not going all the way through the Alps and even though we are not going uphill 1500km I thought it would be funny to have the 1500km sign !

We will try to post whenever we can but not sure how often this will happen.